Digital omni-tool for automotive

A comprehensive online system for large and small new and second-hand car dealers or service garages. A simple solution that makes business processes more efficient and improves their quality.


Complexity made simple

A simple intuitive system designed by people who know your business and its needs inside out. It can solve even the most complicated of situations, support sales, and not make a single mistake. This is Omnetic.


Data that works for you

Using reliable and comprehensive information, you gain a thorough overview of each customer, every vehicle, including its complete history, warehouse revenues and costs, employee performance or market trends, and many other easily configurable data. The system also provides unique data, such as a vehicle’s attractiveness, or recommendations for its revaluation in relation to market trends and comparisons to other car dealers in the area. Everything you need for your business, clearly, in one place, anytime and anywhere.


90% less printing

Free your office of paper folders and filing cabinets. Have everything at your fingertips with just one app. Automatically digitized documents are easily accessed from secure storage and backed up with a full history. Any and every document is available with just a few clicks. Document digitization greatly simplifies process management, and not only does it save trees, it also saves your time and costs.


A pro-customer approach is essential

The customer comes first, and our well-thought-out system will help you do that. All the information you need is in one easy-to-access place. Each customer's card holds enquiries, purchases, communication history, the segment chosen or the assigned discount group. Making records of customer satisfaction data and assessing it is the icing on the cake and an integral part of our system.


Everything you need connected is connected

Systems or data you might need are already connected, whether it’s customer and vehicle checks, accounting or CRM systems. Should you need more, there are open APIs ready for you.

Take 100% control of your business from anywhere

Break the stereotypes and see what it's like to have your entire agenda accessible from your mobile or computer, whether you're in the office, at home, or on the road.

Get to know the products

No worries about the system, no extra costs

This state-of-the-art technology serves you, you don’t serve it! This means it is a breeze to get used to it. Forget about maintenance, updates, backups, or performance. We’ll do all of that for you.


The first comprehensive online solution that can be accessed anytime, anywhere.


Full control from your PC, tablet and mobile.


A high level of data security comparable to banking systems.


All the data is available in real time from anywhere.


Unrivalled system reliability with no maintenance, backups, updates, etc.


A reliable and stable system regardless of the amount of data.

Numbers that speak on our behalf and work for you

30 years of experience and more than 1,500 satisfied customers testify to our qualities.

8 user languages
99.9% SLA availability, reliability, and transparency
10,000 active daily users
40 million operations per day
0.5 million cars under administration
100% GDPR compliant

Shift your business to the next level today