Caraudit app

Go mobile with all your field activity

Buying, technical inspections, stock management - everything you need is now optimized for mobile. Works online and offline, even if you're stuck in a desert.


The biggest time and money saver.

Anything you need to do when around a vehicle is now mobile. Take a picture of damage and it’s immediately available in your DMs.

Full vehicle evidence

Enroll a vehicle or simply have all the vehicle data available at the tip of your fingers.

Detailed damage documentation

Use predefined structures for damages and flaws, take pictures or comment on any imperfections you find.

Monitored test drive

Need to do test drives with your vehicles? Now you can track those too, including speed, mileage, and driver.


Technical inspections your way

Caraudit lets you configure any number of different inspection types. You can have different checklists for buying inspections, regular stock inspection, transport, or admitting vehicles to the workshop. You can specify mandatory information, set process, and assign access rights for each kind. Take charge of your processes and don’t let your margins leak because of the technical condition of your vehicles.

Configurable technical condition

You can define for yourself what constitutes your technical condition standards.

Multiple inspections

There are so very many cases where you need different inspections. Here, you can manage them all.

Assigning to users

Assign vehicle or a particular inspection to any user, and manage the acceptance process.

History of changes

When anyone changes anything, you will know about it. Forever.

Stock management

Stock management on the go

Have all your vehicles made available for stock managers, assign regular checks, and verify their condition. Everything is tracked, so you know the performance of your team. Every bit of information is captured and instantly available to everyone.


Car buying made simple

Caraudit guides you through the entire buying process. Open a business case, enroll a customer, capture everything about the vehicle, do an in-depth technical inspection, do a test drive, price the vehicle, or send it to an appraiser for evaluation, or see all the buying cases at once. Everything optimized to be quick, mobile super-friendly, even for those of us who are a bit older with more life experience.

So useful in so many cases...

Leasing vehicles

Document car condition when returning leased vehicles.

Car rentals

Document car condition when renting or accepting a rented vehicle back.

Car transport

Loading, moving, and unloading vehicles under transportation control.

Mobile buying

The complete car buying process, including VIN decoder, featuring prefill, photo guide, and more.

Evaluate car price from your mobile

The pricing tool used by the largest players is now available for everyone. Find out how professional pricing works. Now available also on your phone and integrated into the buying process.

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Boost efficiency with even more features

There is much more under the hood

Online & Offline

Get access to all data available when online, and still able to work while offline. Isn't it cool?

Decode VIN from a photo

Need even more convenience enrolling a vehicle? Just snap the VIN code and you're done.

Original resolution

Keep the photos you take in the best possible resolution forever.

Complete history

No one can alter the vehicle's condition without you knowing.

Speech to text

We know typing can be annoying. Feel free to just speak and leave the rest to the app.

Advanced access rights

Need to assign just a particular vehicle to a particular person? Sure! And much more.

You might be wondering

There are both pre-made templates and templates that can be customized and printed to the customer's individual specifications and requirements.

Yes, of course. The Caraudit application works on any smartphone model.

The app works completely independently, and on the other hand, it can also be fully integrated with DMS or other systems. 

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