Smart CRM for your services

Everything about your business

Every company that demands success needs CRM: customer relationship management. We can provide you with an effective CRM, thanks to which you can enjoy a complete overview of your customers and business.

Data that always keep you one step ahead

Get to know your customers

If you want to constantly move your business forward, you need to understand your customers in detail, know what products they want, systematically manage your care for them, and, in doing so, support the comprehensive management of business and marketing activities.

You won’t miss a thing

All information in one place

Take advantage of every business opportunity and keep records of all information about your customers in the one place. As a result, you will be able to directly address a selected segment of customers and offer them relevant products or services that they will appreciate, enabling you to strengthen your business relations with them.

Personalised CRM

The beauty lies in the simplicity

No need to link, set up, or search anything at all. Everything is connected to our other modules exactly where it should be, in fact, using the same logic and user interface options. Your CRM can, of course, be customised to suit your own specific needs. We will be happy to get it all ready for you!

The features you've always wanted are finally here

One system, many uses


Getting contacts from different sources and managing opportunities. Everything is always clearly arranged for your own specific needs.


A uniform system of planning, managing, and evaluating all activities that involve customer interaction (sales, servicing).


Detailed information about all customers in one place, with the option of setting up individual notifications.


Detailed customer segmentation allows you to not only offer the customer relevant products but also tells you when to offer them.

History and forecasts

A comprehensive history of your interaction with the customer – from business opportunity to final invoice. And on the other side of the coin, CRM also give you detailed forecasts of future sales when needed.


An expression in figures of the transactions carried out with a customer (turnover, profit), and of where the potential lies for onward development in the future (products/services, turnover, profit).

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