Fast overview of your processes

Plan orders in just a few clicks

The automatic planner automatically suggests the ideal repair date depending on the complexity and specialisation of the work involved or the capacities available at the workshop. Setting responsibilities, working time and “precluded time” (meaning, mainly, time when an employee is claiming sickness benefit contributions to replace income from gainful activity during a period of incapacity to work, financial support during maternity, support when caring for a family member – such days are not included when calculating a retirement pension).

Ready for all eventualities

The maximum effectiveness of your business

The planner always suggests the ideal planning of servicing orders and can also operationally change and adapt planned repairs to the current situation. With the integrated Chronos module, you can also see which employees are absent, view planned holidays, and so on.

Always in the picture. You and your customer.

The customer comes first

Not just a soundbite with our flexible servicing order planner. As far as planned repairs are concerned, this makes it easier to create an order and displays the status (open, closed). The Omnetic system user is therefore kept fully up to date with ongoing or planned repairs.

Convenient planning in real time

Our system, your company

Plan work throughout the company in comfort and customise the system in exactly the way you need. Communication takes place in real time and any changes you make take effect immediately. Thus, you have the perfect overview.

Time is now on your side

All planning at your fingertips

The automatic planner knows how to work with all possible types of connections among the requirements of an order. With a pending customer, it schedules repair activities to follow on from each other without interruption. It limits the movement of cars from jack-to-jack and mechanic-to-mechanic so that repairs are carried out as quickly as possible without unnecessary downtime.

More time

You will be able to focus solely on what truly matters in the day-to-day running of your company.

Order and efficiency

Your employees will know exactly what needs to be done on an order, and when.

Allocating resources

Efficient and automatic allocation of resources according to their competences.

User support

Free advice and assistance are both a matter of course.

Discover our sophisticated planner