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We will provide you with a comprehensive reporting process to make sure you have a full overview of all your activities. From data collection, processing, and storage in a data warehouse to data presentation, all this in just a few clicks and with an option for detailed analysis.


Finding your way around your business at speed

Regardless of the complexity of the tasks being processed, reporting should always be clear, understandable, and presented in such a form and at such a level of detail that provides you with support of proper governance and decision-making. Thanks to advanced visualisation, everything is presented in the form of simple graphs or maps.

The future

Effective company management

The most common questions to crop up when managing a company are, “How much does the company actually earn us?”, “What is it that’s causing our losses?”, “Will we have enough money for development next year?”, or perhaps “Is it worth hiring a new mechanic?”. With our reporting, you will find the answers to a great many of your questions.


Absolutely no need to worry about your data

We provide reporting as a cloud service. Data is transmitted over the secure Internet to a data warehouse, where it is processed and stored for display over the Internet, regardless of the operating system, type of browser, or type of device. You can set specific access rights as you need.


Solutions for every need

Reporting can be connected to your source systems, with what are known as Custom views - views tailored to your specific needs as far as content and visualisation are concerned. If required, you can download data in XLS or CSV format for further use.

Are you really sure what your strengths are and where you have room for improvement?

Views and dashboards that will help you. Every day.

Offer of cars; Average age of warehouse stock and commission; Business cases; Sales and margins

Cars sold; Total sales and margins; Average margin per car; Margin composition

Margin distribution (sales price, mileage, year of production, number of days on offer); Top brands and models

Number of cars; Total value; Average margin per car; Average price; Average mileage; Average age; Number of cars by make

Number of cars in stock versus capacity; Value of cars in stock versus budget; Age of stock and turnaround; Structure of stock age

Mileage (number of cars, value of cars, average price); Price (number of cars, value of cars, average price); Age of cars (number of cars, value of cars and average price by year of production)

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