Speed, precision, efficiency

Efficiently manage your workshop

Records of orders, stocks, spare-part sales, planners, and sales in our cloud solution, and convenient management of servicing of any shape or size. See for yourself!

Maximum versatility

We have a solution just for you

Support for official and unofficial servicing, integration for 36 brands, insurance companies or spare-part wholesalers, all with a full agenda.

Order management

A tool tailored to suit your business

All types of order servicing is at your disposal, as well as a wide range of connections to external systems and importers. Simple user operation gives a new level of effectiveness for your employees, and enormous savings.

Creation of servicing offers

Preparing offers according to standards and in line with the customer's wishes. Easy and effective to use.

Support for active intake

Very fast documentation, communication or approval by the customer.

360° views

Customer overview

Complete overviews of customers all in the one place - all contact details, current and previous cars, servicing orders, transactions, inquiries, documents, and all communication with the customer.

Sales support

Smart guide

The automatic recommendation of service work and configurable packages helps you increase profitability by tens of percent. Quick and easy to choose replacement mobility or plan orders.

Tyre storage to suit your needs

Records of stored wheels and tyres turn the process of changing tyres into one that can be done in only a few clicks. An instructive and clear record of tyre movement and the history of specific documents. The option of sets for up to 12 tyres, meaning that the system caters for the needs of trucks too.

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