A new generation of vehicle pricing

If you have ever complained about car prices not being estimated properly, those days are over. Check out the most advanced car price evaluation service in Europe.


The pricing used by the biggest players is now available for everyone.

Just need a quick price estimate or in-depth understanding of car price and market position? One service fits your needs, no matter how you price your cars.

Removes fake ads

Nonexistent “just sold” vehicles, damaged, and other market skewing techniques are recognized and removed.

Tracks price drops & ad renewals

Know straight away how each vehicle compares to the market, what’s attractive right now, and what’s not.

Evaluates equipment

Precisely identifies the impact of equipment on the price as well as the impact of missing equipment.

Selling price

Unrivalled market price estimation

First things first - there is NO other tool on the market with advanced machine learning techniques that can predict market price like this. By processing over 7 million vehicles a day, the pricing engine reacts to even slight trend changes immediately. Need proof? Read on...


See sold vehicles

Everyone can see what’s on sale today. But you can be the one who sees what matters - the only real deals are the ones that already happened. You'll see all the information for every vehicle - photos, days on display, price drops... just about everything.


NEW: Virtual market

Imagine if you could see the entire market of the most recent months at once? Now you can. Everything you didn't see in classified ads is now fully transparent: days on display for the entire stock, all sold vehicles, and their turnover. Filter stock as you would on any classified server and get proof that the recommended price is the best market price possible.

Market history

See everything that was and is now currently on the market, with all vehicles’ details.

See suspicious ads

Fake ads, damaged vehicles, and other suspicious ads are marked.

Compare live with current listing

View the priced vehicle in the listing already, just as if you had published it.

Automatic equipment comparison

All the vehicles' features are taken into account.


Local and European market

Every day, we collect and process millions of ads throughout Europe, including most of the major European classified servers and auction portals, enhance information from vehicle catalogues, process vehicle descriptions and photos to improve data quality, so we can best predict prices. That’s how we can price even the rarest vehicles.


All the perspectives you might ever need

Check price versus mileage in an easy to understand way, making it easy to quickly scan the market.

Get automatic detailed side-by-side comparison of the advertised vehicles with highlighted differences.

Get features with the price impact on every vehicle automatically highlighted.

You might be wondering

Correct car pricing is absolutely crucial for car dealers and can help bring significant increases in profit margins, sometimes by as much as tens of percentage points. We use the data from car advertisements and auctions across Europe and the latest technology to price cars. First, we  consolidate the information, identify an exact specification of the vehicle model(s), and remove duplicates and incorrect/meaningless adverts, so that we have a clear picture of how many cars are actually on the market. For us, it’s all about the best quality data, as the accuracy of the estimated selling prices and liquidity (estimated selling time) of the cars all hinges on it.

Second, we focus on identifying deceptive market practices that distort market information. Specific examples of these are “cars just sold” - attractive cars that don’t actually exist, as well as fraudulent advertisements (scams), identifying cars with the odometer turned back, cars with undeclared damage, etc. We can also reliably identify the less harmful, but still frequent, practice, of renewed advertisements, where the advertisement pretends to be a new car. Systems that don't have these skills naturally tend to estimate unrealistic/faster sale times and drive actual prices down. This is because they can’t recognize which car price is not real. We process approximately 7 million ads a day in this way.

The third step involves using advanced technology to determine the real market price of each car as accurately as possible. Making great use of machine learning and artificial intelligence, we determine the specific attractiveness of a car for each country. We take into account the number of accessories, together with the impact specific features have on demand and price, as well as missing features which in turn reduce the price of the car or impair its marketability. Thanks to a wealth of data from all over Europe, we can even price the cars that sell poorly in your area. This is even down to the level of similar cars, not just the same specification, including equipment and mileage.

We focus on getting rid of the shortcomings that other services have known about for years.

  • Non-existent, attractive cars that only attract customers to the dealer, but, in reality, these cars don't exist and apparently lower the market price
  • Renewed advertisements, where it appears that more cars have been sold, faster, and at a higher price than is actually the case
  • Fraudulently attractive adverts, which are only used to extract money from customers
  • Deliberate misrepresentation of tax-free prices or prices that only offer financing, without recognizing damage to cars or turned-back mileage that has already appeared on the market
  • Generally outdated valuation methods which don’t take into account the current market situation (e.g., price drops when new models are launched or situations like Covid-19)
  • The wrong method of including the equipment into the price and whether a particular missing feature in turn reduces the marketability of the car and thus its price

All of this is a matter of course for us and we’re continually investing in further improvements.

To enable us to determine the selling price, we monitor the entire retail market. We consider a sold car to be one that disappears from a listing and does not reappear within a certain period of time, or when the same car does not appear in another listing. Of course, there is a relatively small percentage of cars that, in the end, aren’t sold, and this primarily concerns private individuals who change their minds for some reason. Even this information carries weight in our valuation. We then take the last price quoted in the advertisement as the sale price. It is possible that the car may have actually been sold at a discount, but this is an area that cannot be further specified for several reasons - often a discount is given by the dealer in a form other than cash (for example, a set of free tyres), the car is financed and sold at a lower price with the proceeds of financing, or the price is reduced by a setoff for a trade-in.  

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