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Fully integrated and digitised warehouse management, including multi-warehouse and the efficient reservation of parts. The automated system responds to changes in order status, including the level of parts.

Everything under your control

Concentrate solely on what matters

The system works online. One unique feature is that you can make retroactive changes, and the program monitors everything, including the right valuation. It has defined basic overviews and the option of customising each category individually.

Simple record-keeping

Quick and intelligent searches for goods and orders. Records stock and warehouse movements.


You don't have to worry about selling spare parts at a loss. Set and check the minimum margins on order and stocks.

Warehouse records

Stock cards

Complete information from the one place, including all movements, stocks, and availability. The user therefore has a perfect overview of the current situation and of all changes. Perform a quick search by data, definition of maximum and minimum quantities, suppliers’ prices. The separation of warehouse and stock-issue units and prices is a matter of course.

Important information for your business

Statistical overviews

Enhanced overviews with ABC analysis, setting the minimum and maximum stocks in the warehouse. A search function for what are known as shelf-warmers is also on hand.

Smart warehouse and stocking without compromise

A solution you can rely on


All stock and order statuses are visible: information about availability, reservations, and orders on the stock card.


Removing downtime and increasing warehouse throughput. Warehouse logistics help you become more efficient.


Optimising all warehouse stocks.


Setting warehouse pricing, and a link to servicing orders.

Take your processes to the next level