Used cars

The future of car sales

A smart guide to the complete sales process for large and small second-hand car dealers, including an intuitive user environment with lots of useful features, available online on any device.

Car sales

Close more sales. Much faster.

Keep laser focused on sales. Vehicles, discounts, upsales, insurance & financing, documents, payments, revenues and costs, margins, contact history, everything is designed to help you sell more and faster.

360° views

All the data are linked to provide you with comprehensive, holistic views of customers, vehicles, or business opportunities.

Artificial intelligence equipment analysis

Immediately discover how each vehicle compares to the market, what’s attractive right now, and what’s not.

Precise revenue & cost tracking

Track expected and real revenues and costs in any currency and see immediately all types of margins.

Integrated services

Decode VIN, vehicle equipment, history, or check on customers with a click of a button.


All leads in one place

No need for a separate solution just to manage your leads. You will never again lose another opportunity. See what happens to every lead from any channel - you can assign them to the right salesperson, track performance, and win more sales.


Advertising made powerful

Be in complete control of your advertising. 31 predefined texts and attributes for your ads are just one click away or customize whatever you need for each and every vehicle or classified server and with an interface ready for your own website.

Process management

Manage processes like never before

Leverage predefined processes from experts in the used car industry or configure them to suit your needs. Simple and yet powerful, you can organize and reorganize your dealership as you wish. You can add custom steps, flag objects, create views, presets, work queues, and much more to drive business efficiency and reliability.


Work as a team

Tired of losing track of who should have done what? Now you can truly work as a super-performing team and never lose another task! Whether you are a small dealership or hundreds of people working together, we can support you.

Assign tasks

Assign tasks to specific employees or departments, track processing, and get automatic notifications when tasks are done.

Create work queues

Individual task queues increase employee efficiency and let you focus on what’s important.

Track comments

Active communication with your colleagues increases work efficiency and keeps important information structured and easily accessible.

Measure performance

Full control and easy assessment of the time needed for individual tasks as well as employee performance.


Billing, invoicing, payments: we’ve got you covered

Selling and getting paid is a breeze. You can accept cash, cards, bank transfers, issue invoices, cash receipts, and credit notes with just a few clicks.

Cash registers

Use multiple cash registers at the same time, even in different currencies, or integrate your own point of sale system.


Keep records in different currencies, automatic exchange rate conversions, or integrate exchange rate tickets.

Card payments

It has never been easier to accept cashless credit card transactions.

Accounting integration

Complete online accounting or the option of integrating your existing accounting solution.

Boost margins with cutting edge car price evaluation

The pricing tool for the largest players is now available for everyone. Find out how professional pricing works.

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Size matters. We have features that fit you.

Whether you're alone or running a complex branch network, we’ve got you covered.


Full of useful features just waiting to be discovered

Modify the ready-made templates as you like, or simply create your own. The ability to customize your own template is a key feature of the entire system.

Photos of each car taken during purchase, sale, or service, all neatly organized in photo albums.

Any setting for the filter and table can be saved as a quick selection and specific data and views can be displayed with one click.

A record is made of every change or action in the system. This makes it possible to monitor and control how individual users work.

It’s time to go mobile.

Everything you need online in the field is now mobile. Technical inspections, stock management, buying, car price evaluation, you name it, and optimized for outdoor use in the CarAudit mobile app. And it even lets you work offline.

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You might be wondering

The entire process is semi-automatic. This means that there is minimal customer involvement and it is only necessary for the customer to share the data from their system in a standardized form (Microsoft Excel).

Yes, we are anticipating it and are currently developing that corresponding module.

Yes, we prepared an interface for you that allows you to link your Omnetic advertising to your own website.

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