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Keep track of whatever really matters to you

Keep track of the time actually spent on orders or when and how long your employees are at work, and in doing so have all the information about what is currently happening to particular cars at your fingertips.

Complete reporting

Track your mechanics’ performance with ease

Electronic monitoring of the amount of time spent by mechanics on individual orders means that you can immediately see those areas where you are earning and those in which your money is going to waste. The system allows you to track the work attendance of all employees and is able to distinguish between standard statuses such as arrival - departure, holiday, and illness. At the same time, it gives you the ability to define specific statuses, such as training or business trips. For each of the statuses defined in this way, it is possible to distinguish whether it is “precluded” or not (meaning, primarily, time when an employee is claiming sickness benefit contributions to replace income from gainful activity during a period of incapacity to work, financial support during maternity, support when caring for a family member – such days are not included when calculating a retirement pension) - precluded time covers a full day; for example, illness).

Transparent overview

Your business under your control at all times

The Chronos system serves as a record of the hours worked by individual employees, with the option available of scheduling work on individual orders or their parts. In addition to these records, the system stores information about where the worker actually is during work. The option of setting the system also provides you with other data you want to track. The result? Clearly arranged statements of work, work attendance sheets, the information needed to calculate wages, and other output. The option of printing reports on employee work attendance is a matter of course.

Better services

Satisfied customers and employees alike

By using the work attendance system, you can reduce the error rate in the processing of work attendance data, make better use of working time by qualitatively increasing employees’ personal access to work duties (which leads to an increase in work morale), and eliminate unauthorised overtime hours.

Work attendance records

Have more time for your work

Keeping records of work attendance also turns the Chronos system into fully-fledged work attendance software. The continuous verification of location when taking records of work, employee arrivals, departures, or transfers means that information on where the worker was at work is also available in work records. Work attendance records are primarily support for Chronos but can also be viewed separately. The locations recorded can also be used in the journey log.

Current status of an order

Integrations that will help you

Functional interface between Chronos and Omnetic means that you can see the status of an order in the workshop right away: whether work has already begun on the car, whether work has been completed or discontinued for a specific reason (e.g., waiting for a part, customer approval, waiting for technical assistance). No time-consuming communication with a mechanic or foreman involved. You have everything before your eyes in the system right away.

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Instant access

Works with attendance via mobile, tablet, PC, or terminal.


Documents for invoicing quickly and easily.

Quick overview

Used to keep records of work on orders.

Journey log

Automatically created from work attendance records.


Graphic display of work attendance available in Excel and PDF.


Calculate expenses, surcharges, and overtime.


The option of customisation as required.

Work attendance records

Can even be used at remote workplaces.

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