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Fastback is a leading European platform for buying and selling used cars. Its software connects car showrooms, leasing companies, and used- car lots to professional customers, such as used- car dealers. It’s all extremely simple and online.

Dealership software for stock management

Deal in used cars with us

Fastback provides a simple and cost-effective solution for professionals in the sphere of buying, selling, and managing a fleet (cars, light utility vehicles, trucks, and motorbikes).

Your plan for our software

Experts in vehicle management

Fastback software offers you a diverse range of applications and solutions that make your day-to-day processes with used cars easier and more effective. All you need to do is choose the programme that best suits your needs. Our software was specially developed for professionals in the automotive segment - dealers, used- car lots, and importers.

Fastback B2B for sales

This system allows you to present all your vehicles to hundreds of European dealerships and used- car lots. Guaranteed to bring you the best possible offers.

Fastback Marketplace for purchasing

Want to buy vehicles from dealers throughout Europe? Our system checks what dealers have on offer and shows you exactly the ones that meet your requirements, meaning you can buy vehicles in comfort using an online solution.

Guaranteed price

Fastback offers a choice of vehicles at the very best prices thanks to careful selection from a range of 5 million cars a day.

European market

A range of vehicles from all over Europe, every day.

Buy without risk

Maximum safety when buying, thanks to the transaction process.

An all-encompassing solution

Vehicle verification, transport, assistance, legal, and tax services.

Solutions for used cars

Fastback management

The Fastback used- car management application allows you to deal with all aspects of your fleet quickly and effectively. Connection to your website means that you can make public and manage the distribution of your vehicles with ease.

The main benefits for your business


Centralised data management.


Connect from anywhere and on anything.


An affordable solution.

New vehicles

A centralised system for the management of new vehicles and vehicles for test drives.

Used cars

A centralised system for the management of used vehicles.

An individual approach

Maximum individualisation and customer support.

Fastback remarketing

Fastback remarketing creates, publishes, and manages advertisements for your vehicles. The system then takes care of communication between you and your buyers.

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Fastback is here for your business

Instant access to all cars from all over Europe thanks to our system and more than 20 years of experience.

70,000+ Vehicles bought and sold
900+ Auction platform users
3,000+ Partners
12 Countries

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