Innovation and experience

Modern solutions for modern dealers

We will help you with everything when it comes to the running and rental of your fleet, all this thanks to our modern online solution.

Uniform system

You know about everything that is happening at all times

Our system is clear and intuitive. You can manage and plan the process of renting cars, maintaining the fleet, and creating invoices and putting them on record. The system also comes with a graphic display of rentals and reservations, facilitating a fast and reliable overview of the situation for a particular fleet. There are also tools for fleet management, a customer database, or payment and accounting systems as a matter of course. All data can thereafter be used in extensive reporting on account of the interconnection of our modules.

No obstacles anymore

Whatever your business, we have a solution for you

The system is designed not only for professional car rental companies and car repair shops, but also for car dealerships which rent cars only occasionally, or simply monitor the running of replacement cars. With us, all of them can find everything they need to keep records of rental cars. The program includes a refusal function, which works when it is impossible to honor the client's request because you don’t have enough cars. This alerts you to the shortage, allowing you to think about whether your current fleet is big enough.

Efficiency and profitability

Automation of your processes

One of the missions of our solution is to provide a comprehensive solution for short-term and long-term car rental alike. The software automates some routine tasks and streamlines the running of car rental companies. It also includes different analyses, such as data about reserved or refused cars, the number of cars hired, a percentage expression of how much of the capacity is being used, and more.

Functions you can't do without


The costs of a car, including warranty inspections and repairs of all kinds.

Journey log

Records of the number kilometres travelled in a specific car.

Service inspections

A list of vehicles that require warranty inspections.


Database of all customers, records of penalties.

Reservations and invoices

Reservations and reservation contracts, pro forma invoices and documents.

Equipment and accessories

Other equipment hired out (GPS, child car seat).


Prices for specific types of cars and time.

Use of capacity

Adding, editing, or removing current reservations.

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