Source cars from Europe

Get more cars or better decide which ones to buy. Explore the most advanced sourcing tool in Europe (and possibly worldwide). Replace dozens of buyers with a single tool.

Market pricing

Meet the margin boosting tool

Ever wondered how the largest dealers push their margins higher? Now you can use the same tools for a fraction of the price. Never underprice or overprice your vehicles again.

All the ads enriched with market insights

For each vehicle, see estimated retail price in your location, current days on display, expected liquidity, your market demand and supply, and much more.

Automatic cost & margin analysis

For each vehicle, costs and expected margins are automatically calculated and you can even filter by expected margin or other business metrics.

Sourcing process

Enjoy the whole process, from the pick up of the vehicle until it arrives at your lot.


All the classifieds and auctions in one place

All the vehicles from all the sources are now in one place. Filter anything you like, as you would on your favorite server. Even more - search vehicles by potential margin, country, days on display, seller type or rating, and much more.

Powerful tools

Ultimate market insights

Imagine you could see the entire market of the most recent months. Now you can. Everything that you don’t see in classified ads is now fully transparent. Days on display for the whole stock, all sold vehicles and their turnover.

Each vehicle analysed

Each vehicle has a ton of useful business information attached to make a sound buying decision.

Original ads

View the original ad enriched with market insights directly in the tool.

Virtual listing

See any car in your target country's classified server, so you know how it stand against the competition before you buy it.

Detailed comparison

Compare any vehicles from any source side by side.

Smart functions

X-ray the entire market with these features

For each and every vehicle specification or category, you immediately see current and past demand and supply on your market.

Each vehicle gets a rank based on all the available features, so you can quickly see how well it is equipped and how it stands against the competition.

For every vehicle, you can quickly see price versus mileage of current and sold vehicles with the same specifications.

Sourcing as a service

Not the best in understanding market data or have little time or resources to source vehicles yourself? We can preselect the best fitting vehicles for your dealership: you decide which you want, we check the condition for you, and deliver to your dealership with a click of a button.

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The entire European market at your service

Have instant access to all the largest classified and auction sites.

7 million ads processed each day
31 classified & auction servers
105 € average increase in margin per vehicle
40 million operations performed every day

You might be wondering

We currently support the purchase of cars from Germany, France, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Poland, Hungary, Italy, Spain, the Netherlands, Belgium, and Sweden. We are working on expanding to other countries.

Of course, it is possible. It’s even possible to combine both, where you use the tool both for sourcing “on your own” and you can have some cars imported on a turnkey basis.

Naturally, the car sourcing module, like all of our other modules, are fully available via an open API. Thus, you can integrate the information into your own systems in line with your needs.

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